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Tissue Culture Protocol


[edit] Plant name (genus, or genus species)

Caladium (Family Araceae)
Caladium 'Carolyn Wharton'
Caladium 'Carolyn Wharton'

[edit] Contributor's name

Ronald de Fossard

[edit] E-mail address

rde88725 AT

[edit] Explant description

Terminal bud of tuber

[edit] Disinfestation

The whole tuber was stripped of old outer material and a scalpel was used to clean-up around buds; the tuber was then washed in detergent, using a tooth-brush and intermittent tap water for an hour; the bulb was placed in 1%(w/v) “available chlorine” and individual buds were excised and placed in the “chlorine” solution by themselves; after 20 minutes, the individual buds were placed on sterilized culture medium.

Explants at Day One
Explants at Day One
Explants at Day Twenty-one
Explants at Day Twenty-one

[edit] Culture Medium (Stage-I: Initiation)

Minerals: Broad Spectrum Medium Concentration Main Carbon Source: 60mM sucrose Gelling Agent: 7g Gelcarin GP812/L Reference to Medium: Broad Spectrum Medium No.1 MZZ[ZM]

[edit] Culture Medium (Stage-II: Multiplication)

Stage II Caladium
Stage II Caladium

Minerals: Broad Spectrum High Concentration Auxins: 1µM IAA Cytokinins: 2.5µM BAP Growth Factors: 600µM inositol; 4µM nicotinic acid; 2µM pyridoxine; 1 µM thiamine; 300µM glycine Main Carbon Source: 90mM sucrose Gelling Agent: 7g Gelcarin GP812/L pH: 5.8 to 6.2 Reference to Medium: Broad Spectrum Medium No.8 H IAA1uM BAP2.5uM [Growth Factors 90mM sucrose]

[edit] Culture Medium (Stage-III: Pre planting-out)

Same medium as for Stage-II.

[edit] Incubation conditions

16/8 (hours light/hours dark); 25 to 29°C.

[edit] Comments

Very little contamination in Stage-I; a 1%(w/v) “available chlorine” prophylactic program used throughout initiation, inoculation and incubation; cultures were subcultured every 2-3 months and planted-out after 3 months growth.

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